America’s Pro-Choice Majority, Disappointing Legislation from Anti-Choice Democrats, and Giving Out Cookies Instead of Healthcare (Seriously)

Posted by Lauren Kuhlik

North Carolina governor tries to placate pro-choice protestors with cookies: Because you know how ladies get when they need chocolate! The women, who were protesting outside Governor Pat McCrory’s mansion after he signed into law an extremely restrictive anti-choice bill, were probably just PMSing.  Am I right or am I right???? The women returned the cookies, suggesting that they would prefer health care.  Chocolate chips cookies definitely make up for a law that forces women’s health clinics to meet unnecessarily high building standards and eliminates insurance coverage for abortions.  McCrory signed the bill even after promising to focus on real issues like the economy rather than continuing to limit abortion access in his campaign.  You know what the ladies like, Pat! [Slate]

No thanks, we’d prefer our right to healthcare.

Attitudes towards abortion vary by region: Despite the growing amount of anti-choice legislation throughout the country, support for abortion access has remained consistent over the past few decades.  More than half of Americans favor legal access to abortion in most or all cases, while only 40% believe that abortion should always or almost always be illegal.  However, there is a growing gap in abortion attitudes between regions.  For example, three-quarters of New Englanders favor relatively unfettered access to legal abortion, but only 40% of those in the South Central region do.  Let’s double down and remind our Southern friends what we are fighting for, and what the consequences are when women can’t make choices about their own bodies. [Pew Research]

Shocking news! Access to contraceptives prevents unplanned pregnancies: Despite what many Republicans would have you believe, abstinence-only education and prayer won’t prevent pregnancy.  Access to free contraception, however, absolutely will.  The Guttmacher Institute has determined that in 2010, publicly funded contraceptive services prevented about 2.2 million unintended pregnancies.  So, um, lawmakers? If you want to reduce abortion rates, stop passing anti-woman legislation, and start giving everyone access to contraception.  That is, if you actually care about what works and not about punishing women and catering to the most extremist sect of your constituency. [Guttmacher]

Ohio clinics already closing because of anti-choice legislation: Because of recent legislation in Ohio, two clinics have already closed, and a third is expected to close soon.  The law requires all clinics that provide abortions to have a “transfer agreement” with a hospital, and prevents public universities from entering into these agreements.  The state health department also has more power to shut down clinics.  Women in Ohio are losing access to reproductive health and are likely to see even more restricted access in coming years. [Think Progress]

Guess what party introduced this idiotic bill in Texas! No, you’re wrong!! Texas state senator Eddie Lucio, Democrat, introduced a bill that would require women seeking abortions to first complete an adoption course.  Women would have to bring a certificate of completion to a doctor before obtaining an abortion.  Because women in Texas do not have enough obstacles to getting abortions, and also, they have never heard of adoption. [Salon]

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