This Week in Pro-Choice News: Anti-Choice, Anti-Woman, Anti-Progress

Posted by Blogging Czar Lauren Kuhlik


Abortion restrictions even more extreme than you realized: “Except in cases of rape, incest, or danger to the mother’s life” has practically become a mantra of conservative anti-choice legislation. Even the most extreme anti-choicers still support abortion in these cases, correct? At least, that’s how it seems after the vitriol following former Representative Todd Akin’s claim that women rarely get pregnant from rape. But as it turns out, politicians don’t share Americans’ disgust. Fully 86% of the anti-choice legislation introduced in the first half of 2013 at the state level applied even to women who have been raped. 72% of enacted legislation applied to those women. Of course, we believe that all women deserve to make their own reproductive choices without legislators breathing down their necks, but these numbers show that Republican politicians really don’t care about the health of women—even that of women who are victims of rape. [Reality Check]

Let’s all go to Oklahoma and buy Plan B: Oklahoma recently passed a law that would have prevented the sale of the morning after pill to girls under the age of 17, going against the Obama administration’s recent decision to allow everyone to purchase Plan B One-Step over the counter. District Judge Lisa Davis issued a temporary injunction, preventing the law from being implemented. The Attorney General’s office issued a statement that they just wanted to maintain the status quo, because apparently they don’t believe in progress. Especially not when it comes to female autonomy. [Time]

Reproductive choice bad. Lying to women good: 34 states give money to crisis pregnancy centers. Much of the this money comes from funds for “family planning,” which is just idiotic. More like, “plan to be fed misinformation and then not given any prenatal care or help raising the child.” Give me a break. Studies have shown that these clinics can make women feel ashamed about their abortions, but they don’t generally prevent abortions. So great job, more than half the states in America. You just want to make people feel bad. [Think Progress]

Victim-blaming reaches a new level of sickening: Apparently, being a clinic escort in Kansas is just as dangerous as being a black teenager in, well, pretty much anywhere in America. Professional gross person Mark Gietzen argued that clinic escorts at the South Wind Women’s Center are just begging to be shot. Apparently, staging protests with gory images and screaming at women leaving the clinic was not enough for these supposed “pro-life” people. Now they want to shoot clinic escorts and avoid consequences because the clinic is asking to have its volunteers shot by…existing. Anti-choice logic. Gotta love it. [Salon]


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