This Week in Pro-Choice News: Virginia Might Get More Anti-Woman, Conflicted Thoughts about Miley, and More

Posted by Blogging Czar Lauren Kuhlik


Virginia gubernatorial candidate has ties to anti-women group: Ken Cuccinelli represented the former leader of Fathers for Virginia, a group of men’s rights activists who claim that women falsely report domestic abuse to prevent fathers from getting joint custody of children, in a custody dispute after becoming Attorney General of Virginia.  In addition, Cuccinelli refused to sign a letter to Congress urging the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act.  Virginia is already a state that is unfriendly to women, but if Cuccinelli is elected governor, it is likely to become even more regressive.  Virginia: definitely not for lovers (of women’s rights).  [Washington Post]

Group Health will not cover abortion but also won’t make you pay: Today in the confusing news of the week, Group Health has announced that the health insurance they will offer through the exchange will not cover abortion.  Apparently it was too complicated to do so because the government didn’t provide simple enough instructions. Um, OK, sure.  However, when pressed by NARAL and local reporters, they did say that they won’t charge extra for abortion when women obtain that service at their facilities.  It is not clear whether women will have to pay full price for abortions obtained at other facilities.  Let us all pause to mourn the Reproductive Parity Act, which would have prevented SNAFUs like this.  [KUOW]

Miley, Miley, Miley: My feelings about Miley Cyrus’s little display at the VMAs are so complicated, you guys.  Like, slut shaming is really, really bad, and lots of people are criticizing Miley Cyrus while completely ignoring Robin Thicke’s part in the performance.  So that’s bad.  But then also, Miley’s performance was really racist, especially when she treated one black woman’s butt as a silly sexual prop in her dance.  And that’s simply indefensible.  I think the conclusion is: stop treating women’s sexuality as shameful while shrugging off men’s, and also stop treating black women’s sexuality as a commodity open to anyone who wants it.  Just read the article.  [Jezebel]

Obstetricians and gynecologists lambast hospitals for not providing abortions: A statement by 100 OB/GYNs will call for a more integrated approach to women’s health.  They believe that women seeking abortions and doctors who perform them would face less risk if hospitals were willing to perform more abortions, rather forcing abortion providers to operate at stand-alone clinics.  Hopefully, abortion clinic closures will lead to more doctors pushing for greater availability of abortion in hospitals and other practices.     [Christian Post]


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