Pro-Choice News Roundup: Limiting Local Abortion Access, Proving the Obvious, and More

Posted by Blogging Czar Lauren Kuhlik


Militant anti-woman group may get late-term abortions banned in Albuquerque: “Operation Rescue” has collected enough signatures to add a ban on abortions after 20 weeks to the New Mexico ballot.  They are specifically targeting a local clinic that works with women who discover severe fetal abnormalities up to 28 weeks.  The ban would be the first local one, but several states have already passed such limits.  Federal judges have either overturned these laws or temporarily prevented them from being implemented.  For the sake of New Mexico women, let’s hope that if the ban passes, a judge recognizes its unconstitutionality and stops it.    [Santa Fe New Mexican]

Louisiana doctors discouraged from performing abortion: The 5th Circuit ruled that a 1997 law that makes it difficult for doctors to get malpractice insurance for abortions is constitutional.  The law essentially makes it much more financially risky for doctors to perform abortion than for them to perform other medical procedures.  The state has a malpractice insurance fund, but doctors cannot draw from this fund for claims relating to abortions.  This ruling will likely make doctors more hesitant about providing abortion care.   [Courthouse News]

Yet again, a reminder that good sex ed and access to contraception limit abortion: Nebraska’s abortion rate is the lowest it’s been in decades.  Experts speculate that greater access to birth control, comprehensive sexual health education, and more effective long-term birth control all contributed to the decrease.  Not a likely cause? A ban on elective abortion after 20 weeks.  Someone needs to call out lawmakers publicly when they try to pass ridiculously restrictive abortion bans.  Someone needs to stand up and say, “if you actually want to lower the abortion rate, give us birth control.  Give us education.  Until then, we must assume that you just want to punish women for seeking out abortions.”  [Daily Nebraskan]

Teenage birth rate also lower: The 2012 teen birth rate was the lowest ever recorded.  Again, experts are pointing at more effective long-term birth control, such as the IUD.  Abortion rates for teenagers have not increased during this time.  Condoms for everyone, shame-y sex ed for no one, please.  [NBC]


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