On Our Feminist Radar Today: Deconstructing Anti-Choice Memoirs (& Arguments)

Ever wondered what an anti-choice book club might be like, but were too busy with actually pressing things to do afraid to ask? The intrepid Robin Marty at Bitch Media has done the work for you. In “I Read a Bunch of Anti-Choice Memoirs So You Don’t Have To,” Marty breaks it down:

Frequently, people ask me if I get depressed (yes, sort of), how I keep up with it all (Google, RSS feeds, wine), and how I always know so much about what abortion opponents are thinking.

The answer to that final question is simple: I read right-wing literature. A lot. Everything they write.

Thanks to copious research and a quality coffee addiction, I’ve read large numbers of anti-choice books—especially memoirs. I’ve read the good. I’ve read the bad. I’ve read Abby Johnson. Now I can share those nuggets of anti-abortion goodness with you so you can save yourself hours of your life knowing that when it comes to “pro-life lit,” you really aren’t missing a thing.

Marty’s post — which details both the extremist agenda these books share, as well as some of the creepier things some anti-choice activists will cop to — is fascinating and funny. But it also gets at something a little more serious: the importance of opposition research. Marty can dismantle classic anti-choice arguments because she’s seen them firsthand, a good reminder that when it comes to pro-choice activism knowledge — real knowledge, of the scientific variety — is indeed power.

Go read the whole thing. And then maybe send her a thank-you note.


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