Pro-Choice News Roundup: Catholics, Creeps, and Consent Culture

Posted by Blogging Czar Lauren Kuhlik


Pope Francis edges towards entering the 20th century: Pope Francis argued in a recent interview that the Catholic Church should be more focused on love and acceptance than on abortion and other right-wing issues.  This is huge news, obviously, and many dinosaurs in and out of the Church are Freaking Out.  This is nice and all, but my hope is still that someday the Church will stop protecting child-molesters.  Why don’t you guys give me a call when that happens?  [NY Times]

Your weekly reminder that if you have to lie to get people on your side, you are probably wrong: A pair of ads aiming to sink the Affordable Care Act have gone viral recently.  The ads feature a person in a creepy Uncle Sam costume preparing to administer gynecological and prostate exams.  The ad orders its viewers not to let government “play doctor” and tells them to opt out of health insurance.  Guys, guys, providing low-cost health insurance to everyone is not the same thing as “playing doctor.”  Also, the ad is especially hilarious when you consider how obsessed Republicans are with women’s uteri, and how insistent they are on placing ridiculous restriction on women’s access to health care.  Oh, Republicans.  You crazy.   [Time]

Hack.  You keep using that word.  I don’t think you know what it means: Recently, the feminist group FORCE created a fake website purporting to list Playboy’s 2013 top party schools.  The website, unlike the magazine, emphasized consent.  The group created a similar website satirizing Victoria’s Secret last year.  Can I just point out that this group isn’t “hacking” anyone’s website?? They’re doing an awesome job showing how these organizations are not promoting consent culture.  Putting up a fake website is not a hack.  [Think Progress]

Wage gap between full-time working men and women remained constant last year: The median earnings of a full-time, year-round female workers in 2012 were only 77% those of year-round, full-time male workers.  Only some of this discrepancy can be traced to the fact that women often take jobs in lower-paying fields.  Since the data only include full-time workers, Men’s Rights Activists (careful in there, you guys) who declare that the wage gap is due to women’s tendency to take part-time work and work far fewer hours than men must be wrong. [National Women’s Law Center]


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