Pro-Choice News Roundup: Shutdown Ends, Clinics Close, Rick Perry Stops Worrying t & Loves Obamacare

Posted by Blogging Czar Lauren Kuhlik


Shutdown is Over: Let’s just hope that the Republicans pay for attempting to hold this country hostage. [NY Times]

Kansas Republicans Love Wasting Taxpayer Money: Kansas has paid nearly $1 million to private law firms to defend restrictive anti-choice laws in court. Stipulations in the laws would require abortion clinics to adhere to unnecessarily stringent building codes, prevent abortion providers from getting tax breaks, and more.  Same old song and dance. Pro-choice groups are suing to prevent the laws from being implemented. Literally, you guys, the Kansas legislature hates women more than they love money. This is just getting ridiculous.  [The Guardian]

The Other Portland Might Enact Awesome “Buffer Zone”: The other one Portland, Maine City Council is deciding whether to create a “buffer zone” near a Planned Parenthood to prevent anti-choice activists from approaching and harassing women attempting to enter the clinic. The Public Safety, Health, and Human Services Committee has unanimously recommended the initiative for adoption. Go Maine! Congratulations — you have common sense! [The Forecaster]

More Clinics Close in Ohio: Two clinics recently closed in Ohio after having their appeals to stay open rejected. A third is expected to close soon. Soon, Ohio is likely to have only 9 clinics that offer abortions. Again, recent laws demanding higher health codes at abortion-providing clinics do not help women; they merely prevent women from being able to access safe, legal abortion. Let’s hope this trend gets reversed by more progressive lawmakers soon. [Dispatch]

Rick Perry Supports Obamacare? After promising to dismantle Obamacare if elected president in 2011 (sure buddy, that’s how laws work), Texas Governor Rick Perry has done a 180 and now supports parts of the law. He has ordered the closure of a program that helps very sick Texans buy health insurance. These people pay twice what others would pay for the same coverage because of their pre-existing conditions. Because Obamacare prohibits insurance companies from charging more to those with pre-existing conditions, Perry is encouraging the very ill to apply for coverage through the exchange to save costs. Of course, they would likely pay even less if Texas hadn’t refused the Medicaid expansion, but you know. One step at a time. [Texas Tribune]


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