Pro-Choice News Roundup: Republicans Get Angry, I Get Angry, Men Get Angry

Posted by Blogging Czar Lauren Kuhlik


Ohio Republicans Mad that Plebs Might be Able to Get Health Care: Ohio’s Controlling Board has decided to accept the Medicaid expansion that will allow thousands of currently uninsured people to get free health insurance.  Some anti-choicers teamed up with lawmakers to file suit against the board.  Hey poor people: if you wanted health insurance, you shouldn’t have been born poor.  Or in Ohio.  [Times Union]

Kansas Does Right by Us for Once: Good news, everyone!  Former Attorney General Phill Kline can no longer practice law and therefore can’t use his authority to bully abortion practitioners.  The Kansas Supreme Court found that Kline was overzealous in his prosecution of a Planned Parenthood clinic and misled others, including grand juries, to help his investigations.  More of this, please! [New York Times]

Apparently, Getting an Abortion Makes You an Unfit Mother*: Divorcee Lisa Mehos might lose custody of her children because of a legal abortion.  Her ex-husband, Manuel John Mehos, has argued that her abortion, obtained post-divorce, proves that she is an unfit mother.  Apparently, obtaining abortion while Catholic is hypocritical, and the abortion must have been traumatic, because, you know, it just is.  And therefore, um, better to hand the kids over to a guy who is willing to subpoena his ex’s medical records and insult her in court for getting a legal medical procedure.  [Salon]

But What About the Men?????: In case you were curious about whether the men’s rights movement is anything other than anti-woman. [Prospect]

*But wanting one means you should be forced to give birth? Confusing logic, crazed anti-choicers!


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