This week, we need A BIG PUSH, y’all.  On Tuesday, October 29, there will be a status hearing and we’ll learn if the state will drop the case or move forward with a new trial. Meanwhile, Marissa Alexander is still in prison, despite the fact that the guilty verdict was reversed and thrown out.  The question of whether Marissa will be released on bail will also hopefully be decided soon.

In order for our messages to Angela Corey to have an impact, please get letters in the U.S. mail by Saturday, October 26.  Calls, e-mails and faxes can continue until October 28th.  Please direct your friends to the information, sample letter, and contact information at http://freemarissanow.tumblr.com/dropthecase. Let’s keep the pressure on!

Meanwhile, please send highlights and photos from your work to the Free Marissa Now facebook page or e-mail them to us at freemarissanow@gmail.com. It inspires and motivates us all to keep on pushin’ when we see the incredible work that everyone is doing.

WE CAN DO THIS! Let’s get those letters out there!  And thank you for everything you’ve already done!

Free Marissa Now Mobilization Campaign

Marissa Alexander was sentenced to 20 years after firing a warning shot to scare off her abusive ex. Her case was denied a stand-your-ground defense, in the same state and before the same prosecutor who allowed George Zimmerman to walk in the murder of Trayvon Martin.

Marissa Alexander didn’t kill anybody. Giving her a second trial is a waste of time and money. The charges should be dropped!

There is just about a week left to get your message to State Attorney Angela Corey. Don’t sleep on this one.




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