Pro-Choice News Roundup: Hooray for Texas!

Posted by Blogging Czar Lauren Kuhlik

(Parts of) Texas Abortion Law Struck Down: We’ve heard all about Texas’s horrible omnibus abortion bill, which got passed during a special session after being delayed by Wendy Davis’s heroic filibuster.  Now a federal judge has struck down some of the severe restrictions in that law, including a provision that would have required clinics to meet unnecessarily high standards and one that would have limited medical abortions. Even though the Attorney General of Texas will be appealing the decision, pro-choicers are hailing it as a decisive victory.  I rarely get the chance to say it, so: GO TEXAS!!!  [Chron]

Washington Post Not Terribly Good at Facts: As election time nears, we must remember our friends in the more misogynistic states, even as we choose between pro-choice mayors and council members.  In Virginia, the gubernatorial election has gotten nastily unfactual.  The truth is that Democrat Terry McAuliffe generally supports reasonable abortion laws, including repealing the invasive mandatory ultrasound requirement.  Republican Ken Cuccinelli, current Attorney General of Virginia, opposes almost all abortions, except in cases where the mother’s life is at risk.  These two sides are not equally extreme, as the Washington Post would have us believe.  Instead, we have a moderate vs. an extremist—one who feels no qualms in complaining about negative campaigning and then arguing that his opponent supports abortion until birth.  The difference is clear.  Remind any Virginians you know and/or love to vote for McAuliffe! [Washington Post]

Supreme Court to Decide on Iowa Telemedicine Ban: The Supreme Court will hear the appeal against the Iowa medical board’s decision to ban the practice of teleconferencing in order to prescribe the abortion pill.  This practice greatly increased rural women’s access to abortion even when they could not make it out to one of the few clinics in Iowa with abortion practitioners.  The Court’s decision could have a huge impact on future abortion legislation, so let’s hope it gets decided the right way.  [RH Reality Check]


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