Reproductive Rights Long Reads: Dispelling the “Born Alive” Myth, STD Partner Notification, & 2 Abortion Stories You Won’t Hear Anywhere Else

Happy Tuesday morning! Here are your reproductive rights long reads:

We all deserve happy endings”: Emily Everetts on why she shared her abortion story publicly, at North Carolina Blogs For Choice.

Anti-choice is anti-research: RH Reality Check wields actual CDC data to break down the anti-choice “born alive” myth, which ignores government policies that protect newborns.

The maybe my brain has on repeat does not change the reality that existed before the pregnancy and that will exist after it”: At The Toast, Jessica Valenti’s quietly powerful essay on family traditions, pasta sauce, and the complexity of motherhood puts a story to the statistic that 61 percent of women who choose abortion already have children (Guttmacher).

“You may have been exposed”: Anna Halloran is the “government worker out there whose job it is to call, text, Facebook or track down your exes to let them know they might have an STD,” reports KUOW.

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