Pro-Choice News Roundup: Good Going SCOTUS, Bad Going Circuit Courts

Posted by Blogging Czar Lauren Kuhlik

Women in Oklahoma, Rejoice!: In June, the Supreme Court conditionally agreed to hear a case that would have essentially made the abortion pill illegal.  The court has dismissed the case, meaning that doctors can now prescribe the pill without using outdated and dangerous protocol.  Sometimes SCOTUS ain’t half bad. [SCOTUS Blog]

Oh, For Crying Out Loud: Texas can implement its overreaching anti-choice bill until a lawsuit opposing it has been decided.  And we were so excited just last week! A federal judge had declared parts of the law unconstitutional, but a Fifth Circuit Court decided in favor of the state.  If the Supreme Court decides to hear the case, its decision could have a profound impact on future abortion laws.   [Modern Health Care]

Anti-Reproductive Rights Crowd Attack Halloween: You know, “pro-life” people claim that they support women and children.  So why are they handing out creepy pictures of fetuses that say “I am a human” and other messages?  If these people were truly correct and just, they wouldn’t have to stoop to terrifying children to get their point across.  I don’t actually want to crawl around the dirt with the anti-choicers, but sometimes I wish that our side would hand out graphic photos of women who died from botched abortions or ectopic pregnancies.  Then could they still argue that we are anti-life?  [KRQE]

Lafayette’s Only Abortion Clinic May Close: The Indiana Attorney General is defending a law that would essentially require clinics in the state to be built like surgical clinics if they perform abortions—even if they only dispense the abortion pill and do not perform surgical abortions.  This law is ridiculous.  Just straight up ridiculous.  Hopefully the federal judge agrees before the law gets implemented on January 1. [SF Gate]


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