Pro-Choice News Roundup: Proud of Virginia, Disappointed in Everyone Else

Posted by Blogging Czar Lauren Kuhlik

Women Are the True Winners in Virginia: On Tuesday, Virginia elected Democrat Terry McAuliffe as governor.  Women won the election for McAuliffe, as men were evenly divided but women preferred McAuliffe by a sizeable margin.  Now, McAuliffe is not without his problems, but this is a clear victory for the pro-choice movement.  It’s only once in a great while that I get to say this: Today, I am proud to be from Virginia! [Ms Magazine]

RACISM: A North Carolina high school hosted an anti-choice demonstration. Students handed out pamphlets discouraging abortion and promoting abstinence.  Yeah, ok, we’ve seen that before.  But it turns out that they had two sets of pamphlets: one for black students and one for other students.  Apparently, they think that African-American students are more likely to be convinced by a message from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s anti-choice niece than white students are.  And the anti-choice movement calls us racist? (Warning: click at your own risk.)  [ABC]

Scalia May Soon Decide on Texas Abortion Case: In case you are just joining us on this emotional roller coaster, Texas’s burdensome abortion law was overturned but later restored.  Now, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is reviewing the case to decide if the law can be implemented while the case is being decided.  Pro-choice organizations are holding out hope that Scalia will reinstate the earlier injunction and prevent clinics from having to close for not meeting ridiculous standards.  [Austin Business Journal]

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