Pro-Choice News Roundup: Kidnappers Against Abortion Rights, Some Good News in Iowa, and More

Posted by Blogging Czar Lauren Kuhlik


Come on, Texas! Seriously?: An anti-choice group apparently thinks that kidnapping is the appropriate response to women choosing to undergo a safe and legal medical procedure.  A member of the group sent out an email suggesting that people volunteer to drive women to their abortion appointments, for the sole purpose of convincing them not to get the procedure, or, failing that, driving the women to a church instead of a clinic so that they miss their appointment. Classy. Um, great job protecting women by kidnapping them, geniuses! [Herald Sun]

Erasing the Abortion Stigma: One out of three women has had an abortion by age 45, yet few women talk openly about their experiences, just maybe because of our culture’s stigma around about women who have abortions. At NY Magazine, 26 women who talk about their experiences with abortion and anti-choice groups that attempted to prevent the abortions from taking place.  It’s a powerful reminder that there are many reasons for women to choose abortion, and that no one should determine whether those reasons are good enough but the women themselves. [New York Magazine]

Telemedicine Ban Suspended in Iowa: A judge in Iowa has temporarily lifted the ban on telemedicine abortion care. Doctors can now continue to prescribe the abortion pill over teleconference. This is great news for women, especially if the Supreme Court declares the ban unconstitutional in its next session. [Las Vegas Sun]

Oh Cool, Another Abortion Ban Proposed: Senator Lindsey Graham is proposing a ban on all abortions after 20 weeks. There would be an exception for life of the mother, but not for her health. The House has passed similar legislation in the past, but fortunately it seems unlikely that the Senate will be as regressive. [US News]


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