Reddit: An Unlikely Champion in Exposing Crisis Pregnancy Centers


[Ed. Note: This post is one of a series, presented by NARAL Pro-Choice Washington as part of NARAL Pro-Choice America’s CPC Week of Action. For the full list of posts on this topic, click here.]

Posted by Social Media and Project Intern Michelle Auster

Earlier this summer, Salon reported that a Redditor had posted a photo of a limited-service pregnancy center (LSPC) in Louisville, Kentucky, exposing its anti-choice, anti-healthcare agenda. This center, like so many others around the country, is located across the street from a real women’s healthcare provider — and the only license one in the state: EMW Women’s Surgical Center. The Reddit user warned readers (emphasis ours):

Women have come out of this building crying, and on a few rare occasions, without their pants. They take you to the back room for an ultrasound, have you remove your pants, and then begin lecturing you on the sins of aborting. They do not give you back your pants until you have listened, and a few women tricked this far refused to listen and stormed out furious, ashamed, and in their underwear…

There is no “choice” at the Louisville “Women’s Choice” Clinics. Just abuse, shame, and bigots who would rather undress a woman to make her feel vulnerable and then explain how awful of a person she is than let her make HER. CHOICE.

Even setting aside the fact that you typically don’t need to take off your pants for an ultrasound, this really doesn’t sound like healthcare. The Redditor’s use of the word “abuse” seems exactly right.

The Reddit community has a reputation for being sexist, but posts like this one challenge that notion. And this post in particular quickly went viral, showing that Reddit’s users are not short on activism. The post’s influence also shows that regulating LSPCs and standing up to their lies is not a “women’s issue” — it’s something that anyone who cares about patient rights and access to healthcare should care about. Healthcare shouldn’t come with judgment and manipulation. And judgment and manipulation without real healthcare? Well, that’s harassment, plain and simple.

It’s exciting to see people from varying backgrounds, all over the nation, joining in the dialogue exposing these fake clinics. Contribute to the conversation! Consider sharing your story with us, or visit our website for more information. Keep on the lookout for more updates from us!

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