Lies and the Lying CPCs Who Tell Them

[Ed. Note: This post is one of a series, presented by NARAL Pro-Choice Washington as part of NARAL Pro-Choice America’s CPC Week of Action. For the full list of posts on this topic, click here.]

Posted by Social Media and Project Intern Michelle Auster


Image via UC Irvine/Flickr

NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia has been conducting their own sleuthing into Limited Service Pregnancy Centers, also know as Crisis Pregnancy Centers. A little background: CPCs employ misleading tactics to shame, belittle, and deceive women facing unintended pregnancy in a misguided effort to keep them from choosing abortion.

A woman working with NARAL went undercover into one of these centers in Virginia and recorded the conversation she had with a staff member there. Here are a couple of quotes from an actual CPC employee — proving yet again that the truth is often stranger, and more appalling, than anything we could imagine:

“If you’re on the pill, on the patch, on the shot, and get pregnant… Unintentionally, you will abort that baby because the uterus cannot sustain that pregnancy because the lining has been so altered by those steroids, the artificial hormones.”

Blatantly false. All together now: abortion and contraception are not the same thing.

And it continues:

[Condoms are] naturally porous — there’s always a chance of them breaking, a chance of spillage,” she said. “The only safe sex is no sex.”

1) Spillage is not a medical term, and 2) Yep. This is another inaccurate statement. And this, of course, is just one of many CPCs nationwide that spew garbage to women while purporting to provide “options counseling.”

You can read the entire article here.

Thunderous applause to NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia for their work on this. Thanks for helping us know where our care is coming from.


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