ThinkProgress has given us a gift: “Five Important Sex Ed Lessons For Republican Lawmakers” — because, amazingly, these things still need to be said. And said. And said… If you want proof or justification, just think back to the idiotic echoes of “legitimate rape,” or “she’s having so much sex she can’t afford the contraception.” These garbage clarion calls to old time misogyny are still being accepted and propogated by Mitch McConnell and friends.

Seriously, you should read the article. But if you want a snappy laundry list to break out when you’re trying to educate your anti-choice friend with some easy facts, here’s a summary. And unless you’ve got monkey treats for brains (like some politicians), these five points shouldn’t be too hard to comprehend:

1. Birth control pills aren’t directly correlated to how much sex a woman is having.

2. Over half of the women who use birth control need it for medical reasons.

3. There’s a difference between preventing fertilization (ie, contraception) and ending a pregnancy (ie, abortion).

4. The biology of pregnancy is the same for both consensual and nonconsensual sex.

5. Talking about sex doesn’t encourage people to have more sex.

And the list could go on.

We think these simple lessons should be on the syllabus for anyone who wants to enter into lawmaking. And, if you’re a right-wing conservative lawmaker with an anti-choice, anti-contraception, anti-woman agenda, always remember the most important lesson:


Have a nice day.

“Abortion is healthcare” image via the amazing 4000 Years For Choice.


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