Every Friday, we bring you all the repro news that’s fit to reprint! Here’s what happened in reproductive politics this week:

On Thursday, when Jessica Valenti asked TEDWomen why none of their talks address abortion, a TED spokesperson stated that reproductive rights don’t fit into their larger focus on human rights. Here’s where you can sign a petition politely reminding TEDWomen that women’s rights are human rights, to paraphrase Hillary Clinton.

UPDATE: TED has responded to Valenti and NARAL Pro-Choice America with a non-response, saying, “We’re listening carefully to the community’s concern, and we agree that abortion and reproductive care are core issues of social justice and human rights,” then helpfully linked to 16 TED talks that do not cover abortion. ‘Kay.

Speaking of Hillary Clinton, hero to Leslie Knope, yesterday was Galentine’s Day. How did you celebrate? We celebrated with this image, which you can and should send to your lady BFFs who love waffles, friends, work, and justice.

The Mississippi House is so anti-choice they just passed a 20-week abortion ban in a state where no abortions past 20 weeks were happening anyway.

SPOILER ALERT! Don’t read the following news item if you aren’t up on Downton Abbey. Don’t make the same mistake one of our staffers did on Tuesday! Okay, if you’re still reading, anti-choice PBS fans thought last Sunday’s episode of Downton Abbey was a triumph for abortion opponents, forgetting that Downton Abbey is a) set in the 1920s, when abortion was illegal and dangerous, and b) set in England, where the abortion debate is not so much A Thing. Time helpfully set the record straight.

Speaking of forgetting factual information (such as abortion’s very low complication rate and legality!), a bill proposed in the Iowa state legislature would write into law that women have 10 years to sue abortion providers after a procedure.

Pro-choice heroine & author Robin Marty broke the news on Twitter. This was our response:

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What’s behind the recent report that US abortion rates have fallen? Birth control, says The New Yorker (and also science. Science says that too).


Our Feminist Killjoy Heroine of the Week: Jessica Valenti, NARAL Pro-Choice America board member and longtime professional feminist upstart, for asking the brave questions we all want the answers to, and for being the personal heroine of certain NARAL Pro-Choice Washington communications staffers and young feminists everywhere.

Happy Friday!

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