Here’s what we’re reading on our favorite blogs today:

This guide to queer self-care — that probably everyone should read — at Boxers and Binders.

Feministing’s analysis of the Pennsylvania case in which a woman was charged with a felony for ordering abortion-inducing drugs online for her daughter, because the only available provider was out of state. Emphasis ours:

When the patient is the provider, Marty asks, what’s an anti-choice prosecutor to do “when it comes time to make sure someone is punished in the case of an illegal abortion, serving as a warning for others who also might seek out illegal means to terminate their own pregnancy?” Sometimes it’s the pregnant person, as we saw in the case of Jennie Linn McCormack who was charged with “self-abortion.” And sometimes, apparently, it’s a mother helping her daughter through a stressful  time.

In Sochi, members of Pussy Riot were attacked with whips by Cossacks.They had been preparing to make a video of a new protest song, ‘Putin will teach you how to love your Motherland,’ when the Cossacks appeared and set upon them,” reports the Washington Post.

This amazing Tumblr, where abortion fund activists give voice to what they do. One reason:

“I do this because I don’t want anyone to have to worry about where they’ll sleep when they travel across the state, decide whether to pay for their abortion or groceries for their family, or to not have anyone to hug them when they need it most.”

Go read the rest.

Image of Pussy Riot via The Washington Post.


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