Here’s what happened in reproductive politics this week:

The legislative session ended last night. The Reproductive Parity Act did not pass, because some people in Olympia think it is “a hot potato.” The legislature also failed to pass a construction budget and address “a plethora of other major issues.”

53 percent of obstetrician-gynecologists practicing in Catholic-sponsored hospitals had conflicts over religious-based policies, writes John Geyman, Seattle doctor and Professor Emeritus at the UW School of Medicine, over at the Huffington Post.

New study confirms what everyone but Rush Limbaugh and his ilk already knew: There’s no link between accessible birth control and promiscuity. It is not A Thing.

Ilyse Hogue, President of NARAL Pro-Choice America was on The Daily Show Wednesday night. She and Samantha Bee pointed out the disturbing fact that while anti-choice politicians enjoy cutting public funding for women’s reproductive healthcare, they haven’t stopped Medicare from subsidizing penis pumps.

Montana update: All Families Healthcare, which you will remember was vandalized last week by an anti-choice extremist, has set up an Indiegogo campaign to help cover the costs of keeping the clinic going as staff deal with the damage – not all of which is covered by the clinic’s insurance.

Jan Brewer will not illegally run for a third term as Governor of Arizona. Jezebel has curated a “tribute” to her worst anti-choice, anti-immigrant rights, anti-gay rights, anti-friendship and love moments, and – no surprise here – there are a lot of them.

Today, in new lows: Louisiana State Senator Katrina Jackson (D – confusing) and Louisiana Republican Governor Bobby Jindal want to create a state database of everyone who has had a medication abortion, reports Wonkette, for “safety.” Whose safety? Definitely not women who will be spied on for taking medicine.

Out of the mouths of jerks: Mike Huckabee is mouthing off on abortion again without the burden of facts, this time saying its existence will lead to euthanizing the elderly to save money.

Our Feminist Killjoy of the Week: is US Senator Patty Murray, who called upon the Supreme Court this week to ensure that an employer’s private beliefs don’t allow women’s healthcare benefits to be thrown under the bus, saying, “What is at stake before the Supreme Court is whether a CEO’s beliefs can trump a woman’s right to healthcare. Women working for private companies should have access to quality medical care no matter who signs their paychecks.”


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