$73 million: That’s the amount of money Hobby Lobby’s retirement plan had invested in companies that manufacture emergency contraceptives, IUDs, and abortion-inducing drugs as of December 2012, Mother Jones reported this week. Yes, these are the same drugs Hobby Lobby does not want to cover for its employees.

New reporting on the All Families Healthcare vandalism case: Last month, All Families Healthcare, a family practice clinic in Kalispell, Montana, was vandalized because its practice includes first-trimester abortions. The damage was extensive enough that the clinic has been closed indefinitely, and the Southern Poverty Law Center reported that the suspectin the attack has ties to an anti-choice crisis pregnancy center called Hope Pregnancy Ministries.

Yesterday, the Missoulian reported that All Families Healthcare was pushed out of its previous office space by the executive director of Hope Pregnancy Ministries, and that the suspect “was armed with a handgun loaded with a full magazine, and had a spare full magazine on him as well” on the morning he vandalized the clinic.

We all know this is nothing more than an attempt to throw up barriers to women’s access to abortion services: Oklahoma State Rep. Doug Cox, a Republican who understands that access to birth control lowers abortion rates, sat down with Salon this week to discuss the GOP’s sexism, why a bill imposing new restrictions on Oklahoma abortion clinics is “unnecessary legislation,” and why equating abortion and emergency contraception is “irresponsible.”

7 million: The Affordable Care Act’s initial sign-up target, which was met Tuesday, despite GOP criticisms and this creative graph from Fox News:

375,000: That’s how many Washingtonians now have insurance thanks to the Affordable Care Act, reports the Seattle Times. But not everyone is happy about it. Republican Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Spokane quipped that the ACA is just continuing to “hit people where it hurts the most.”

Putting millions of dollars into construction that could be used to offer direct care and services is a misuse of our precious few resources: On Wednesday, the Center for Reproductive Rights filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of a group of abortion providers in Texas to block the law that Wendy Davis filibustered and Rick Perry signed last summer, reports the NY Times.

16: That’s the number of abortion clinics that have closed since HB 2’s medically unnecessary requirements went into effect, according to RH Reality Check’s Texas abortion access mapping project.

In 2014, four decades after the Supreme Court upheld a woman’s right to choose, pregnant women once again find themselves crossing the border to Mexico and haunting back-alleys in search of medical care: In the wake of HB 2, women in Texas are resorting to pre-Roe measures to end unwanted pregnancies, reports the Huffington Post.

7: Weeks of pregnancy before medication abortions are illegal in Arizona, thanks to an extreme law that the US Court of Appeals put on hold this week after a request from Planned Parenthood, reports Bloomberg.

Spin control & Betty Ford: Here at A Few Choice Words, we debunked the anti-choice myth of “Post-Abortion Syndrome,” and looked back fondly on the days when a Republican First Lady could be proudly pro-choice.

Our Feminist Killjoy of the Week: is every one of these people photographed by the McGill Law Feminist Collective, because this is what a feminist looks like:


Go look at them all here.

Have the best weekend.

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