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Friday Femorandum: Breaking! Birth Control Not Actually Controversial

Here’s what happened in reproductive politics this week:

Guess who supports birth control? Spoiler alert: Pretty much everyone.

Rethinking Madam President: This week, the NY Times hemmed and hawed over whether America is ready for an all-female presidential ticket. The NY Times did not hem and haw over America’s previous 44 presidencies.

Thanks for your input: New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan joined the ranks of America’s clueless but committed birth control opponents this week when he said thatwomen don’t need insurance coverage for birth control because they can purchase it at “any shop on the street,” including 7-11. We have a call into 7-11 to see if we can get our IUDs with our afternoon Slurpees*.

*We don’t actually.

The insinuation, of course, is that the people who support abortion rights must always opt for abortion over pregnancy. But that’s an incredibly black-and-white view of reproductive rights that doesn’t actually reflect the reality of Americans’ experiences — including the women who have chosen to end a pregnancy at some point in their lives.” A much-needed reality check re: this week’s anti-choice freakout following the news of Chelsea Clinton’s pregnancy.

Pope Francis might have changed his mind about allowing divorced people to take communion. He also might not have.

“Residents could not enroll in the Cover Oregon exchange on their own. They needed to use paper or get the help of an insurance broker.” One reason Oregon has decided to join the federal exchange.

Just awful: 234 girls are missing from Government Girls Secondary School in Nigeria.

“An assault charge could mean 15 years behind bars for the mother.” A new Tennessee law would send pregnant women with addiction problems to jail.

“Since the ban counts from the woman’s last menstrual period, instead of fertilization, it’s actually not a ban at 20 weeks — in effect, it’s actually an 18-week ban.” More bad news out of Mississippi: HB 1400 — which criminalizes abortions after 20 weeks, only two of which occurred in the state last year — has been signed into law.

State lawmakers in Colorado had a chance to pass legislation preventing government interference in reproductive health decisions this week, but they didn’t take it.

In lighter news, anti-choice bloggers are fuming over a Planned Parenthood fundraiser that the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence were also invited to. Related: Anti-choice bloggers seem to not understand performance art.

This week’s Feminist Killjoy is every one of you who donated to a new field canvass vehicle for our community organizers. Thanks to you, our field canvass has a newly-acquired minivan to drive across the state mobilizing pro-choice supporters and build our movement from the grassroots up. This week, they made their first trip to Yakima in their new van. Our organizers have a message for you, which you can watch here.

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Have the best weekend.

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