Intern & Volunteer Stories, Reproductive Justice

Michelle: “This place is full of pro-choice people who are fun, passionate, and wise”

Michelle is our Social Media Intern.

I have been incredibly fortunate to have interned at NARAL Pro-Choice Washington for roughly the past nine months as the Social Media Intern. Every week, I’ve been helping to manage various social media outlets, raise awareness on the damaging practices of Crisis Pregnancy Centers, and pet every friendly dog that comes to visit in the office. I was even able to see Wendy Davis speak here in Seattle!  I’ve loved getting to know everyone who works and volunteers here. This place is full of pro-choice people who are all fun, passionate, and wise. How could I not love it? At times, interning here seems like a hodge-podge of quirky and creative activities, and truly every day is different. I have been able to explore more of what I care about in writing for the blog, and help spread awareness about all things pro-woman.

As a senior at the University of Washington studying International Studies and Global Health, my final year has seemed all sorts of hectic to me. But being able to come to Pioneer Square every week to engage in matters of reproductive health and justice has provided a sturdy anchor to my life and career goals. This experience has been meaningful to me because it has reaffirmed my commitment to this important field, and given me new insights on how to continue giving back. Especially in this time of such uncertainty, with my college graduation looming ever nearer, working with NARAL has made that uncertainty lessen by a huge degree. I could not think of a better fit for myself and my interests, and although I’m not done interning yet, I cannot believe how lucky I’ve been in having NARAL a part of my life and career. I am positive that I will continue my dedication to reproductive rights well into the future, and I have the incredible staff at NARAL to thank for giving me that starting point.


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