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Friday Femorandum: Better Late Than Never

Happy Friday, supporters of NARAL Pro-Choice Washington!

Welcome to the Friday Femorandum, our weekly roundup of reproductive rights news, sent to your inbox every Friday morning from the communications staff at NARAL Pro-Choice Washington. You probably noticed that it’s not the morning, and for this the Femorandum apologizes. What a week we’ve had! Between #GiveBIG on Tuesday and our Power of Choice event last night, it’s been all systems go all the time at NARAL this week.

But although it might stop us from sending it on time, it won’t ever stop us from sending you the Femorandum! Reproductive health news still happens, and we still can’t resist reporting it to you. As we recover from our exhausting, exciting, magical week, here’s what’s on our radar.

At last night’s Power of Choice Awards, Dr. Caroline Heldman wowed us with an inspiring keynote speech on the growing anti-rape movement on college campuses and the importance of electing pro-choice leaders, and we celebrated longtime volunteer Lorie Lucky and pro-choice champions Rep. Eileen Cody & Sen. Steve Hobbs.


Thank you!

Last week, Google took down deceptive listings for anti-choice crisis pregnancy centers following pressure from NARAL Pro-Choice America. This week, Yahoo did the same thing.

An abortion counselor filmed her own abortion procedure, and her video went viral. Here’s why she did it.

These are the names of Nigeria’s kidnapped girls: at Feministing.

“Vitale is unsure how to get everyone to stop tweeting images of children in Guinea-Bissau to represent the abducted Nigerian girls, but said it’s important that people know the truth.” The photographer behind the now-viral photo used in the #BringBackOurGirls social media campaign reveals the image’s real origin to the Washington Post.

We’re one of the only countries with a maternal mortality rate that is actually increasing: Back in 1990, the United States’ maternal mortality rate was 12.4 women per 100,000 births. In 2003, it was 17.6, reports ThinkProgress.

“Bravo, young ladies of the future.” Here’s Seattlish on Mount Si High School’s gender equality group, who stood up to a sexist school tradition where the school’s girls were “rated on hotness” – that the administration had failed to address.

“She feels betrayed by feminists.” Irin Carmon, on Monica Lewinsky and gender politics, at MSNBC.

Out of the mouths of jerks: Monte Shaw, Iowa congressional candidate, drew some odd comparisons this week between the ACA birth control mandate and hate groups like the neo-Nazis and the KKK, reports RH Reality Check.

Continued: Sarah Palin told Mario Lopez (for real) that being a grandmother will make Hillary Clinton change her pro-choice stance.

This week’s Feminist Killjoy is Connie Britton, one-time roommate of NY Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, pro-choice TV icon Tami Taylor, and advocate for reproductive rights in real life. This week, Connie Britton is working with Wendy Davis’s gubernatorial campaign in Texas, which may be as close as we’re going to get to this:

Have the best weekend. Thank you for supporting reproductive rights!

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