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Friday Femorandum: Mugwumps & other things we couldn’t make up

here’s what happened in reproductive politics this week:

Good news: Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe has ordered the Virginia Board of Health to investigate – and possibly overturn – restrictive abortion regulations set by his anti-choice predecessor.

Great news? Someone called Jaime Herrera Beutler a mugwump.

“When a female boss leads like a man, we’ll deem her ‘brusque,’ ‘pushy,’ but when she leads like a woman, we’ll brush her off as too ‘soft.’ “ Disappointing, right-on commentary at Jezebel on Jill Ambramson’s firing from the NY Times.

Feeling embarrassed for Ann Coulter: Blonde Rick Santorum tried to make fun of the #BringBackOurGirls social media firestorm. Shockingly, using a tragedy to grandstand about how liberals ruin everything did not go over well with the clever meme-makers of the Internet.

“Boggs had also backed a proposal requiring Georgia physicians to post the number of abortion-related procedures they performed over the last decade online — a move condemned by critics who feared for the safety of those doctors in the wake of several fatal attacks on abortion clinics around the country.” One of the many reasons Senate Democrats don’t think judicial nominee Michael Boggs is ready for prime time. Also cited as concerning: confederate flags, attacks on marriage equality, and much, much more.

I’m frowning at you, Idaho: The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals just issued a temporary order to stop same-sex marriages, which were supposed to start happening this morning.

“The bill…would extend coverage for basic reproductive health care services, including abortion, to all Peace Corp volunteers.” Sens. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) and Rep. Nita Lowey (D-NY) have reintroduced the Peace Corps Equity Act in the Senate and House this week.

Here are the last 13 feminist bookstores in the US and Canada.

Is the Family Policy Institute behind this? The Society For The Prevention of Celebrity Divorce is putting up anti-divorce billboards in Hollywood.

“The greatest threat to extremism isn’t drones firing missiles, but girls reading books.” Nicholas Kristof, on why educated, empowered women are terrifying to those with a stake in their oppression.

Our Feminist Killjoy of the week is Loretta Lynn, whose legendary birth control anthem, “The Pill,” was profiled at the Awl this week: “That a folk hero like Lynn, whose life and career were devoted simultaneously to women’s independence and the importance of family, would not only admit to taking the pill, but craft her admission into a cutting attack on a cheating spouse meant that many women, especially rural women, considered oral contraception an option for the first time.” Awesome. Read the whole thing here.

Have the best weekend.

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