Activism, Intern & Volunteer Stories

Tim: “My experience with NARAL has helped me to see myself as a political agent of change.”

By Tim, Founding Member, Millennial Advisory Council
Tim serves on NARAL Pro-Choice Washington’s Millennial Advisory Council.

Over the last few years, my relationship with NARAL Pro-Choice Washington has varied quite a bit.  I have acted as an office volunteer, an event facilitator, a community organizer, and most recently, a member of NARAL’s  Millennial Advisory Council.  Through all of these experiences, I have learned not only innumerable things about the pro-choice movement, but of the impassioned stories of those fighting for the cause. What inspires me most about NARAL Pro-Choice Washington is the fact that such a small group a women and men can do so much for their community, as well as the advancement of pro-choice policy and education. 

My experience with NARAL has helped me to see myself as a political agent of change; that I have the power to educate others on pro-choice policy and greater matters of reproductive justice and sexual literacy in society, as well the ability to inspire others to become change agents in their own right. 

As a man, I might seem disconnected from pro-choice politics.  However, as a community member, I am absolutely connected to a woman’s right to choose, as well as a community’s duty to be educated and tolerant of such rights.

Thank you, NARAL Pro-Choice Washington for educating me, and in turn allow me to educate.


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