Let’s lead with this: this week was terribleOn Wednesday, we said good-bye to one our heroes, Maya Angelou. (Here’s what we don’t talk about when we talk about Maya Angelou.And on the fifth anniversary of Dr. George Tiller’s death, clinic violence is still a huge problem for providers. 

We learned that men’s rights activists misunderstand the word “satire,” among a great many other things.

In the wake of the Isla Vista shooting, Salon investigated how toxic male entitlement leads to violence. Need an example? Here are several.

And yet, despite all that evidence, here’s why men don’t always see the harassment #YesAllWomen experience.

So, like this writer, we are not just angry about this week. We are furious.

But being furious just reminds us of why working for gender equity and reproductive rights is so important. It’s needed. It’s critical. And progress is happening.

We saw some of that this week too.

The $15 minimum wage is happening.

Medicare’s ban on transgender healthcare was overturned.

And we saw Elizabeth Warren speak at Senator Patty Murray’s Golden Tennis Shoes Awards. Her words about equality brought out the feminist fangirls in us.

Related: We’re taking bets on how many Friday Femorandums mention Elizabeth Warren with reverence.

Also related: We went to a PDC disclosure training yesterday, and our boss would like us to tell you that we’re not literally taking bets.

So, to this week, we have only this to say: bring on June!

The GIFs will be back next week. And as a reward for wading through the terribleness of this week, here’s a cute animal for you. Let’s shake it off, everybody.

This week especially, thank you for being pro-choice. You restore our faith in humanity every day.

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