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Friday Femorandum: Fixing Hobby Lobby, calling out misogyny, & even more tacos/beer

Welcome to the Friday Femorandum, our weekly roundup of reproductive rights news.

Here’s what happened in reproductive politics this week:

The Obama Administration has issued a fix to ensure that women employed at terrible companies like Hobby Lobby maintain access to birth control in the wake of the Hobby Lobby v. Burwell ruling. The “accommodation to the accommodation” allows employers to write a letter to the Department of Health & Human Services instead of filling out an exemption form, an action that some of the objecting companies seem to sincerely believe causes an abortion.

“Abortion is illegal in Nigeria but Nigerian women are faced with the problem of unwanted pregnancy, unsafe abortion and the complications of unsafe abortion.” So the Women’s Health and Action Research Centre (WHARC) is training Nigerian pharmacists on abortion management.

The California State Legislature just passed a landmark law overhauling requirements for investigation into sexual assault cases on college campuses.

Confidential to misogynist internet trolls viciously targeting Anita Sarkeesian, the creator ofFeminist Frequency and caller-out of sexist tropes in video games: hurling misogynist vitriol at someone for calling out sexism as a way to show that sexism isn’t real has never worked.

Speaking of calling out sexism, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has gone public about sexism in Congress. In case you aren’t interested in reading the Washington Post‘s coverage of it, here’s the picture that ran with it:

That’s right. It’s Kirsten Gillibrand and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz supporting Gabby Giffords as she throws out the first pitch at the Congressional Softball Game. THERE’S SOMETHING IN MY EYE

On trans-inclusive language and reproductive rights advocacy.

How one Arizona candidate responded to a request from National Right to Life: “He pointed out that he does support some policies proven to lower the number of unintended pregnancies, and mailed back condoms emblazoned with the phrase ‘prevent abortion.'”

You do you, Mr. Woods of Arizona.

“To ingest the mifepristone and misoprostol they are told to place the drugs in their cheek or under their tongue, where the medicine cannot be detected in the body. Treatment, if needed, is the same as it would be for a spontaneous miscarriage. “Women shouldn’t be afraid to look for care when they need it, and at the same time they shouldn’t do anything to incriminate themselves,” Gomperts said.” This is from the NY Times‘s must-read feature on Women on Waves founder Rebecca Gomperts, a game-changing physician who has provided legal abortions on a boat in international waters for women in countries where abortion is illegal or inaccessible and now provides medication abortion over the Internet. Go read all of it.

A friendly reminder that the taco and/or beer challenge to fund abortion is still going strong. Eat a delicious taco or drink a delicious beer – or both! – and donate to an abortion fund of your choice.

Thank you for being pro-choice. You restore our faith in humanity every day.

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