Monday Motivation

Remember me? Yep, still a troll!

Welcome to the Monday Motivation — a weekly reminder of what the pro-choice movement is up against.

Here’s what opponents of reproductive freedom had to say about our movement and our rights over the past week.

US News and World Report reports that Rand Paul, the so-called libertarian who loves big government when it meddles in women’s health care choices, announced his intention this week to double down on his anti-choice positions, insisting that embryos have, from the instant of conception, “the right to life guaranteed by the Constitution.” Paul has been a big supporter of personhood laws, which declare fertilized eggs to be full human beings with all the rights guaranteed to grown adults, including pregnant women.

Karl Rove, a first-wave right-wing troll before there was an Internet on which trolls existed, blatantly misrepresented the language in proposed immigration legislation barring migrant women from obtaining abortion services provided by private donors. Rove portrayed the legislation, which Republicans in Congress are using to hold the appointment of Loretta Lynch as attorney general hostage, as a mere extension of the Hyde Amendment, which bars federal funds from being spent on abortion care.

However, Media Matters notes that the legislation would go much further than Hyde, “subjecting private money in the new fund created for trafficking victims to federal restrictions.” That’s a massive expansion of abortion restrictions that Rove and his anti-choice allies in Congress are trying to slip past the public.

The National Review manages to drop the word “dismemberment” nearly  a dozen times in a brief piece allegedly dismantling Dahlia Lithwick’s smart legal analysis, at Slate, explaining why bans on the safest and most common type of late-term abortions are harmful to women and legally meaningless.

Interestingly, the supposed intellectual powerhouse publication uses circular reasoning to explain why Lithwick is wrong to say that the term “dismemberment abortion” is legally meaningless: Look, they say! We found a legal definition! Right here in … the Kansas bill defining and then banning “dismemberment abortion.” Logic: Not the best friend of abortion opponents.

If you just can’t get enough of right-wing extremists forgetting that words have meaning, check out coverage of the Kansas ban at World News Daily (which claims “600 lives will be saved” each year by forcing women to go through with dangerous pregnancies or riskier abortions), Breitbart (which describes the second-trimester procedure as “literally ripping a baby apart, limb by limb, body part by body part”), and UExpress, which likens second-trimester abortions to “the brutal torture of ISIS.”

That’s it for this week’s Monday Motivation. Tune in next week for more hostile politicians, shocking anti-choice allegations, and all the extremist talking points that are fit to DoNotLink!


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