Monday Motivation: Introducing the Fish Tax

Welcome to the Monday Motivation, featuring everything you need to know about what anti-choicers are saying about us this week.

FOX Junior Reporter™ Aalia Shaheed.
FOX Junior Reporter™ Aalia Shaheed.

What’s more frightening: the fact that  FOX News is repeating lies by the federally-funded Conference of Catholic Bishops about the ACLU attempting to “force” Catholic groups to provide abortions, or the fact that FOX has a “Junior Reporter” program designed to train a new generation of ideologues to regurgitate right-wing talking points?

Live Action News  reports dolefully on the failure of Minnesota conservatives to pass legislation  that would require abortion clinics to  be licensed as outpatient surgery centers and subject clinics to random inspections by state officials (both common tactics to make it harder for abortion clinics to stay open). LAN calls the failure of these onerous restrictions on abortion providers an example of “pro-abortion extremists … putting abortion before the safety of women.” Because of course they do.

The site continues: “It is shameful that abortion mills are able to skate by with no regulation, especially considering the number of abortionists who practice under disgusting, unacceptable conditions around the country.”

In reality, abortion clinics (and abortion providers) are heavily regulated just like any other non-surgical medical facility; laws like the one proposed in Minnesota are designed explicitly to increase the cost and difficulty of providing abortion care and ultimately shut clinics down.

LifeNews  has the vapors over Hillary Clinton’s recent observation that women won’t advance in society until “deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases” that prevent women around the world from having agency over their own lives and bodies are changed. Naturally, the anti-choice site interpret that reasonable statement to mean, and I quote, “Hillary Clinton: Force Christians to Change Their Religious Views to Support Abortion.” Alternate headline: “Anti-Choicers: World Revolves Around Us, Everyone Wants to Take Our Toys.”

For those who aren’t sufficiently terrorized by the specter of Big Feminism coming to take away their religion, have you considered the plight of the fish? LifeNews  has, and they want you to know that your slut pills are the reason fish aren’t reproducing as much as they used to. Fortunately, they say, there are two easy solutions: Stop taking birth control, or pay a special fish tax every time you buy your pills. Because what better way to respond to a study about hormones and fish life (which has not been replicated in the wild) than by putting additional restrictions on women’s access to human birth control?


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