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Friday Femorandum: Cool Party, Bro

Cool party you got there, bros: A Republican state representative in Alabama has proposed legislation that would require doctors to immediately inform law enforcement officials if they merely suspect a pregnant patient has been using drugs.

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Raw Story reports that the bill, sponsored by Rep. Mack Butler, is supposed to make it easier to apprehend pregnant women who use illicit drugs by requiring docs to turn them in to police within two hours of their appointment. “Crackheads don’t have permanent addresses,” Butler said, which is his super-sensitive way of explaining why doctors should be deputized to violate patient confidentiality by ratting drug-addicted women to out to law enforcement.

Demonstrating a Butler-esque level of understanding of how addiction works, Alabama is one of the few states that arrests and prosecutes pregnant women who use illegal drugs instead of offering them treatment or any other kind of help to give their babies a better start in life .

Ms. Magazine showed some love for NARAL Pro-Choice America this week, showering our parent organization with praise for a recent undercover investigation of crisis pregnancy centers, faux clinics that lure in women and girls in by promising to provide them with information about their “options” and then lie to them about the risks of abortion and understate the dangers and burdens of pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood.

scared animated GIF According to the report, “In 91 percent of the centers visited, this script included telling our investigator that having an abortion was linked to an increased risk of breast cancer, infertility, miscarriage, and/or the made-up ‘post-abortion depression’ that results in suicide.”

Just FYI, via Right Wing Watch, Pastor (and frequent religious right keynote speaker) Joel Rosenberg thought you might want to know that the end times are coming, on account of America allowing legal abortions. Think about it, he says: “If we hit 60 million abortions, we as Americans will have murdered 10 times more human beings than the number of Jews murdered by the Nazis,” and “we know the judgment that fell on Nazi Germany, the devastation.” Yes, in this scenario, abortion is (yet again) the same as the Holocaust, and God won World War II. Anti-choice extremists: Weak on logic, even weaker on history!

At the Huffington Post, author David Grimes has a succinct list of several ways in which legal abortion has helped American women and families–perfect for the next time your anti-choice second cousin starts a conversation at the family reunion by asking, “Doesn’t abortion just encourage irresponsible sex?”

mad men animated GIF Among Grimes’ bullet-point retorts: Legal abortion has made it easier for women to join the workforce and head their households, diminished the prevalence of “shotgun weddings,” and reduced child abuse and neglect. “Duh” to you, maybe; news to others who might not think about the long-term consequences of forcing women to carry unplanned pregnancies to term.

Have a great weekend and (if you’re in the U.S.) a restful Memorial Day!

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