Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation: Sex-Crazed Cattle

Welcome to the Monday Motivation, an eye-opening look at what the anti-choicers are saying about us this week.

strawman - Feel free to pretend that's what i saidConservatives were in a self-righteous tizzy last week over Democratic opposition to a GOP-backed Trojan Horse proposal to allow pharmaceutical companies to sell birth control pills over the counter. Reason Magazine was typical in its self-congratulatory cries of “Hypocrisy!”, charging that opponents were ignoring the underprivileged and accusing them of “abus[ing] the English language” by saying that the bill limits  women’s choices.

Similarly, TownHall’s  S.E. Cupp strawmans the anti-OTC birth control argument by saying the only objection Democrats have to the proposal is that “Republicans are behind it,” saying that they don’t want to “lose a major chit in their ‘war on women’ narrative.

The thing is, for those who can’t afford to pay twice for their birth control, it does limit choices. By allowing companies to sell pills over the counter, it creates a situation in which some insured women will pay twice for their contraception: Once when they pay for insurance that provides birth control at no additional cost (a requirement of the Affordable Care Act), and once when they buy non-prescription pills over the counter at whatever price drug companies decide to charge. The goal, not surprisingly, is to make the ACA’s free-birth-control mandate more confusing and difficult to enforce, and to help build the argument that since birth control is available over the counter anyway, there’s no reason to require insurance companies to cover it.

You may have thought that Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ 33-year-old treatise on gender roles revealed some weird, fundamentally misguided views about rape, but not so, says someone who goes by the nom de plume “Newsmachete” at the delightfully named American Thinker website. No, Newsmachete says, Sanders’ long-ago writings were intentionally leaked by the Sanders campaign to make it clear that he, not Hillary Clinton, is the most pro-rape candidate in a party that “has a very strong pro-rape constituency that supports candidates who abuse women.”

Searching for the most contemporary and relevant example, the Thinker settles (obviously) on  the late Ted Kennedy, who, they say, “won reelection in part because of his repeated adultery and allowing his current target to asphixiate. When Democrats talk of the ‘war on women’ they are projecting; they are the ones waging this war. They are the ones who talk down to women, treating them like sex-crazed cattle, talking nonstop about sex and birth control and abortion.”

Whoa, there, American Thinker! Not sure what’s more offensive: The mental image of “sex-crazed cattle,” or the subsequent, near-pornographic descriptions of Monica Lewinsky “orally pleasuring” Bill Clinton and other misdeeds supposedly committed by the former president.

While the American Thinker was salivating weirdly over Bill Clinton, Breitbart  was in a lather over a truth-in-advertising law in California, which requires “crisis pregnancy centers” (fake clinics that deliver stern lectures on why desperate women and girls shouldn’t terminate their pregnancies, in addition to pregnancy tests and sonograms) to provide accurate information about what services they do and don’t provide. CPCs will also be required to tell clients that the state provides free or low-cost services to pregnant low-income women, including abortions, prenatal care, and family planning services.

Under the screaming, all-caps headline, “CALIFORNIA PASSES BILL FORCING PRO-LIFE CENTERS TO PUSH ABORTION,” Breitbart’s William Bigelow complains that anti-choice CPCs may now be fined if they fail to comply with the “discriminatory” law, which, shockingly, does not carve out special exceptions to telling the truth just because your fake clinic is religious.

And finally, speaking of truth in advertising, Christian Newswire  reports that a new  ad campaign targeting New York City bus shelters will “reach out” to people who are considering or have recently had an abortion to let them know, in a firm but totally loving way, that “ABORTION IS NOT A HEALTH ISSUE.” (Capstheirs.)

Ryan Bomberger, chief creative officer of The Radiance Foundation, which is funding the ads, is quoted as saying, “Some of my colleagues are post-abortive, and their stories of transformation are incredibly powerful. We created this campaign to reach out with love and help people connect with the ultimate source of Hope and Healing – Jesus Christ.”

The project is aimed at connecting pregnant and potentially pregnant women to, you guessed it, crisis pregnancy centers.


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