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Monday Motivation: They Really Do Think Women Are That Stupid


Right-wing efforts to shut down Planned Parenthood have gotten to the point where anti-choicers are actually debating whether a total government shutdown might be a good idea. The pros and cons, according to Life News:

Pro: Planned Parenthood opponents would really be making their point felt. Con: Shutting down all government offices and services might prove unpopular with the public. As a middle ground, the piece suggests, Congressional Republicans should consider a procedural move attaching the funding  cuts to a separate bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act–another longtime target of Congressional Republicans opposed to the notion that health care, but particularly women’s health care, is a human right.

The man who shaped the philosophy of Center for Medical Progress director David Daleiden, the guy who released the doctored videos that became the raison d’être for the latest round of attacks on Planned Parenthood, is Operation Rescue founder Troy Newman, who now advises activists on how to harass and intimidate abortion patients and providers.

Right Wing Watch has gathered some of the most terrifying quotes from Newman’s 2000 manifesto, “Their Blood Cries Out,” including this one justifying the “execution” of abortion providers:

When moms, dads, abortionists are added together, well over 100,000,000 people bear personal bloodguilt for at least one abortion. The doctrine of community bloodguilt found in Scripture further implicates the entire nation. The perpetrators are far too numerous and the bloodguilt has spread too far. We deserve God’s judgment.

In addition to our personal guilt in abortion, the United States government has abrogated its responsibility to properly deal with the blood-guilty. This responsibility rightly involves executing convicted murderers, including abortionists, for their crimes in order to expunge bloodguilt from the land and people.

Just to reiterate: This man is the intellectual inspiration for and actual supporter of the group that many in Congress consider legitimate “investigative journalists” for their doctored videos supposedly incriminating Planned Parenthood.

As you probably already know, so-called “crisis pregnancy centers” are fake clinics that lure pregnant women with vague promises of medical care and “help,” then use shame and guilt to persuade women not to choose abortion. They also think women are very, very stupid, as you can see in this Live Action News piece about “Hillary,” a heroin addict who says she can’t stop using even to save her baby, but nonetheless decides to bring a child into the world after seeing an ultrasound. According to Live Action News,

“Many of our clients don’t realize the tiny miracle of life growing inside of them until they see the baby’s picture on an ultrasound,” Carol Dodds, executive director of A Woman’s Friend, said. “Once they see the heartbeat, they know without a doubt that this is not a blob of tissue, but rather a little human being relying on them for sustenance and protection, that the decision they make will save or end a life.”

Hear that, ladies? Pregnancy can lead to babies. You’re welcome.

Hillary’s story may have had a happy ending (according to this single, highly dubious source, anyway), but the truth is that many women aren’t ready to become parents, and need to deal with issues such as addiction, unemployment, abuse, and poverty before making the leap into parenthood. And in general, parenthood isn’t the miracle cure crisis pregnancy centers say it is; in fact, it  often makes life much more difficult. and problems more intractable, than they were before.

Finally, if you want to see anti-choicers twisting themselves into rhetorical pretzels over the recent decision allowing the March for Life to deny women access to birth control, check out LifeNews‘ piece responding to Jill Filipovic’s column in Cosmo, confusingly (and misleadingly) titled, “Cosmo is Upset That Pro-Life Women May be Deprived of Abortion Pills.”

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