Monday Motivation: Wrapping Themselves in the Constitution

As we mentioned in last week’s Femorandum, it’s pretty rich to hear an anti-choice advocacy site like Christian Today complain that dishonest “crisis pregnancy centers” in California will now have to display accurate information about low-cost health care services available elsewhere, including abortion. Calling the truth-in-advertising requirement a “bully bill,” Christian Today complains that it violates the Constitution to require fake clinics to tell the truth about what services they do and don’t provide. No such outrage when abortion clinics are required to tell women things that are actually false to dissuade them from going through with abortions, such as the lie that abortion leads to suicide, from these psuedo First Amendment activists.

If you just can’t get enough of anti-choicers’ laughably self-righteous flag-waving on California’s truth-in-advertising law, The Blaze gives the mic to anti-choice activists to sputter furiously that their right to free speech and exercise of religion is being violated by a law that “Forc[es] a religious pro-life charity to proclaim a pro-abortion declaration.” In reality, all the law requires is a notice that low-cost reproductive health care and abortion services are available in the state.

And speaking of free-speech violations, Live Action News thinks it would be just a great idea to force Planned Parenthood to pay for a public “memorial” to “abortion victims”:

“We have countless memorials to lives lost in various wars or other tragedies to remind us not to forget those lives’ value. Monuments to the preborn in every community would draw attention to the violence and tragedy going here and now, every day people passed by.”

Take a look at the illustration accompanying the article and decide for yourself whether concern for the “preborn” would be your first reaction to such a memorial:

Preborn Baby Fetus Child CarvingAnti-choice activists seem desperate to let everyone know just how very, very stupid women are at every possible opportunity. For example: This past week, National Right to Life News found an anti-choice anatomy professor who believes that women just don’t realize pregnancy involves gestation, on account of some college freshmen in his “all-female” (?) anatomy class one time were upset when they opened up chicken eggs and realized they couldn’t put the embryos back in the egg again and “save” them.

Leaving aside the fact that, the way he describes them, these young women do sound suspiciously stupid (“’If we closed up the shell and put it back in the incubator, would it still grow?’ one of them asked me”) I’m very curious why this guy has a job teaching anatomy. Because you would think any physiology professor at an accredited university would use this as an opportunity to explain how eggs work to his (apparently remedial) students, rather than, as he boasts, an chance to experiment on his students by asking them how they feel about abortion before and after the egg dissection.

In a textbook example of arguing in bad faith, LifeNews has a story arguing that the mere existence of dangerous, illegal abortions is proof that we should ban all abortions. The logic, as laid out in the headline, goes like this: “Legalizing Abortion Was Supposed to Stop Illegal Abortionists Preying on Women, It Hasn’t.” Therefore, according to the piece, it follows that since “There will be illegal abortions no matter what … we might as well enact abortion laws that recognize the humanity of the preborn child and the predatory nature of the abortion industry.”

If you aren’t as dim as those anecdotal first-year anatomy students in the previous story, you’ll likely notice several failures of logic here. First, the premise–that we legalized abortion simply so that illegal abortions would end–isn’t true. Abortion was legalized for many reasons, not least of which was the fact that women have the right to privacy when making their own medical decisions. Second, history and current experience (as documented, ironically, in this very article) shows that the harder we make it for women to get safe and legal abortions, the more the market for sometimes dangerous illegal abortions thrives. And the rest of the sentence (the part about preborn children and the abortion industry) is just word salad. Time for LifeNews to go back to Logic 101.



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