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Monday Motivation: Scrambling to Dump Trump

Mashable donald trump whatever who cares wave offAs the Iowa caucuses approached today and a Trump anointment by Republican voters in that state appeared increasingly likely, anti-choice activists across the nation sought to disavow the real-estate mogul and discredit his “pro-life” credentials. Trump’s ascension may be the ne plus ultra of chickens coming home to roost (his outrageous public statements are really just a vocalization of what so many on the far right wing are thinking), but it’s still entertaining to watch conservatives try to walk back their support for him now that his nomination seems plausible.

Breitbart, not usually a staunch defender of women’s rights, jumps to the defense of FOX host Megyn Kelly and nominal Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina, arguing that Trump’s comments about the two women make him unfit for the Presidency. Citing a letter several anti-choice groups sent to Iowa voters arguing that Trump has “impugned the dignity of women,” the site notes (as if it’s news) that some of Trump’s casinos house strip clubs, and argues that Fiorina, who spoke at the anti-choice March for Life last month, is the better-candidate for abortion opponents.

donald trump wtf politics humor election 2016Similarly, Glenn Beck’s website The Blaze seems to jump on the conservative “Anyone but Trump” bandwagon, in part because he “refused to say” whether emergency contraception, also known as Plan B, causes abortion. (It doesn’t, but don’t tell anti-choicers that.)

In a rally-the-troops editorial titled “Donald Trump and the Failure to Act Pro-Life,” Live Action News decries Trump’s silence on the 43rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and outline his once pro-choice record as evidence that his new opposition to the right to choose is purely political, not deeply held. (The shock that a casino mogul and reality TV star would be insincere is as rich as Trump himself).

Among the evidence in their indictment: “While [Trump] is willing to state that abortion is ‘brutal’ and that he is ‘totally against it’… in the same breath, he is willing to spread the lie that abortion is a ‘fairly small part’ of what Planned Parenthood does. He also failed to acknowledge that a baby is a person deserving of protection from conception, statinginstead that she became a person with rights ‘as the process goes along.’”

weird confused donald trump debate facesThe Christian Post also questions Trump’s anti-choice credentials, arguing that he “has shown signs throughout the campaign that his once pro-choice attitude and close connections with abortion proponents could play a damaging role in the success of the pro-life movement if he is elected president.”

They continue: “Although Trump now claims to be pro-life and is touting the support he is receiving among rank-and-file evangelical churchgoers, he might not realize that some of the things he says during campaign events show social conservative voters that he is not all that serious about protecting the dignity of the unborn, an issue that many conservative evangelicals take seriously.”

Or he might realize exactly that.


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