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Today in Pro-Choice Memes, IRL Edition

NARAL activists send a message to State Sen. Rodney Tom at our Reproductive Health & Rights Lobby Day 2014!

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Friday Femorandum: The Week Everything Happened

Every Friday, we bring you all the repro news that’s fit to reprint! Here’s what happened in reproductive politics this week. It started on Monday, with our Reproductive Health & Rights Lobby Day at the CapitolNearly 300 pro-choice activists showed up to lobby their legislators to pass proactive, pro-choice legislation like the Reproductive Parity Act.

Is that who I think it is? Our executive director AND the Senate Democratic Caucus? Speaking of the RPA: It was voted out of the State House of Representatives on Wednesday.

Our own Rachel Berkson was quoted at the Stranger on the RPA, saying:

“At least two plans through the state exchange don’t cover elective abortion, and there’s confusion surrounding more. This is what happens without the RPA in place to protect access to care. We appreciate that our representatives in the House stand with women, and we urge the Senate to show that they do too.”

Next up: the RPA goes to the Senate. You can tell your Senator to do the right thing here.

Speaking of the Senate: No good bill passage goes unpunished. Just hours after the RPA left the House, a parental notification billed weaseled its way out of the Senate Law & (In?)Justice committee, and could next be scheduled for a vote on the Senate floor. Robin Marty at RH Reality Check wrote an excellent breakdown of why this law is bad for young women. Here’s where you can tell your Senator to do the right thing. 200 supporters already have.

Joke’s on you, Rush Limbaugh: Sandra Fluke is running for State Senate in California!

The UN to the Vatican, on women’s reproductive rights and covering up child abuse: Step off!

Our Feminist Killjoy Heroine(s) of the Week: Every pro-choice champion in this newsletter, and the women of Pussy Riot, who were on the Colbert Report this week. The full video, which you’ll want to watch, is here.

(When asked how they ended up in jail.)
And finally, NARAL Pro-Choice America turned 45 this week. They made a birthday video. You can watch it here. If you are a feminist, it will probably make you cry (in a good way).
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Pro-Choice Cheat Sheet: We’re Not Mad, Justice Sotomayor. Just Really, Really Disappointed.

How we feel about Justice Sonia Sotomayor blocking the ACA birth control mandate for a few loud complainers:


Here’s BK Magazine on what we should really be talking about when we talk about R. Kelly.

The Office of Financial Management has released a new report (.PDF) on how hospital mergers impact access to healthcare in Washington, reports the Times.

There’s still time to register for Lobby Day 2014.

Zombies and feminism unite! The NY Times on gender equality in video games.

Activism, Lobby Day!, Olympia Watch

Calling All Pro-Choice Activists: Reproductive Health and Rights Lobby Day is Feb. 3

Register now! We provide transportation to the state capitol in Olympia, lunch and snacks throughout the day, and training to get you ready to go face-to-face with your lawmaker, so that all of our pro-choice voices can be heard, and we can change the world, one citizen lobbyist at a time. Can’t be there? Signal boost so others can.

Lobby Day!

Looking to the future!

rebeccamillerWhat an amazing day! As the van pulls away from the Capitol and we head back home, I am energized and hopeful.

It has been powerful witnessing democracy in action! I have a renewed passion and energy to continue canvassing on a daily basis for the passage of the Reproductive Parity Act. I am sure that we can get this passed this year!

Washington has always been a leader in reproductive health, and it is easy to see why. The amazing activists that came out today to lobby give me great hope that Washington will always be a leader in safe and affordable access to abortions and women’s health. Go team Washington! -Rebecca