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In case you missed it: Wonkblog on 205 abortion restrictions in 3 years.

Restricting doctors, shrinking services: What really happens during hospital mergers.

SCOTUS has — hopefully temporarily — blocked “further same-sex marriages” in Utah.

Kshama Sawant is sworn into City Council today.

Less than a year: the time served by Steubenville rape suspect.

Here’s Feministing on Melissa Harris-Perry’s heartfelt public apology to the Romney family.

Supposedly, today is Blue Monday, so here is Sasheer Zamata, SNL’s newest cast member and the first black woman on SNL since Maya Rudolph, taking on street harassment:

Image of Kshama Sawant: The Huffington Post

Abortion Care, Birth Control Access, Choice News, Pro-Choice Cheat Sheet

Pro-Choice Cheat Sheet: Access to Abortion Depends on Where You Live & Other Reasons We Need to Do Better in 2014

2013: “a hostile year for abortion access.”

“Access to abortion depends on where you live. That’s what it was like pre-Roe”America after 3 years of aggressive anti-choice legislation.

Kenneth C. Edelin, the doctor at the center of a historic Supreme Court abortion case and a champion for civil rights and women’s healthpassed away yesterday at 74.

Abortion is now legal in Ireland ”in extremely limited circumstances.

What even. Erick Bennett, Maine Sen. Susan Collins’s GOP challenger, has confused “domestic violence conviction” with “integrity.”

Ani DiFranco made a second, seemingly heartfelt apology for Plantationgate.

Seriously, let’s do better, 2014. In the meantime, here’s a .gif of a red fox yawning.



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Pro-Choice Cheat Sheet: We’re Not Mad, Justice Sotomayor. Just Really, Really Disappointed.

How we feel about Justice Sonia Sotomayor blocking the ACA birth control mandate for a few loud complainers:


Here’s BK Magazine on what we should really be talking about when we talk about R. Kelly.

The Office of Financial Management has released a new report (.PDF) on how hospital mergers impact access to healthcare in Washington, reports the Times.

There’s still time to register for Lobby Day 2014.

Zombies and feminism unite! The NY Times on gender equality in video games.

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Pro-Choice Cheat Sheet: Heroes, Living Wages, & Yes, Beyonce Is a Feminist

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Pro-Choice Cheat Sheet: Paid Sick Days, Pussy Riot Free, the Notorious RBG

Freed: Pussy Riot, and other prisoners convicted of “hooliganism,” under new Russian amnesty law.

New study finds that a routine procedure to remove fibroids may actually spread cancer.

Here’s a working mom in Seattle on why paid sick leave matters, plus Feministing’s commentary on why paid sick leave is a family values issue:

“First order of business” in the State House as the legislative session starts: passing the DREAM Act.

SCOTUS Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg isn’t going anywhere.


We love you, Notorious RBG. Never change. Image via