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THOMAS ALBERTS is a Reproductive Rights Blogging Intern for NARAL Pro-Choice Washington. He is a recent transplant from Utah, where he graduated from Weber State University with a BA in English and Gender Studies. He also served as President of the Weber State University Students for Choice chapter. He greatly enjoys volunteering and when not writing for NARAL he serves as the volunteer Captain for the 37th District for Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest. He also previously worked with Planned Parenthood Global in New York and Washington, D.C., as a Global Youth Advocacy Fellow. His interests include writing, sexual and reproductive rights advocacy, traveling, and handing out condoms to strangers. See Thomas’s posts.

JILLIAN ALTIZER is a community organizer at NARAL Pro-Choice Washington, and has been since July 2013. She loves the unique and passionate conversations that happen in the field. She enjoys writing, painting, agriculture, and plotting how to live to at least 105 years old. By that time, she hopes to see the invention of the perfect birth control and a federal ban on abortion restrictions. See Jillian’s posts.

MICHELLE AUSTER is our Social Media Intern and a regular contributor. She’s also a student at the Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington and has an avid interest in the field of women’s health and reproductive rights. As an advocate for social justice, Michelle has volunteered in public and non-profit organizations targeting juvenile rehabilitation and political action. A native of Western Washington, she enjoys the region’s unique independent films and lush natural beauty (though she is an ardent fan of Doctor Who and intends to continue her travels abroad). When not writing, she can be found hiking the verdant trails of the Olympics and Cascades or singing her latest musical obsession to her dogs. See Michelle’s posts.

AMELIA HOGAN is a trainer and community organizer for NARAL Pro-Choice Washington. A New Hampshire native and a graduate of Bennington College, she joined NARAL in May of 2013. She loves working outdoors, listening to women’s stories, and meeting everyone’s dogs at the door! In her non-NARAL hours, Amelia hikes, enjoys Seattle’s queer community, dotes on her dog Doyle, and assembles found object art. See Amelia’s posts.

TORI MARIE WESTMAN is the director of NARAL Pro-Choice Washington’s field canvass program. She grew up watching Captain Planet and Xena: Warrior Princess. After high school she traveled the country with Americorps, teaching after school classes, organizing volunteers, and rebuilding houses. She has been fighting in the pro-choice and feminist movements ever since she declared herself an “Unwoman” after reading Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. She has a habit of dressing in too much purple or pink because it makes her feel like a comic book character. No matter where she goes in life she wants to be a part of grassroots organizing. See Tori’s posts.

Past Contributors

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LAUREN KUHLIK is originally from a suburb outside Washington, DC.  She fell in love with the pro-choice movement in college while teaching sex ed to local high school students.  She moved to Seattle after  graduating from Wesleyan University and is now working as a tutor and volunteering at NARAL.  She enjoys anything written by Mary Roach, British TV shows, and discussions about politics and feminism. See Lauren’s posts.

KENDALL REINGOLD divides her time between her native Seattle and Boston, where she studies at Tufts University. In addition to completing a triathlon, traveling to the Oregon Coast, and running around the park with her dog, Kendall spent the summer of 2013 uncovering a passion for reproductive justice at NARAL Pro-Choice Washington. She plans to continue advocating for choice both at Tufts and after graduation. Her other interests include foreign languages, hiking, and cooking new recipes. See Kendall’s posts.

SARA YINGLING is a Seattle transplant from Wisconsin who has been known to gift the NARAL office with real squeaky cheese curds, recent college graduate from “the other” UW (Madison), and cat-lover. Some of her favorite things include traveling in developing countries, iced decaf Americanos, chocolate cake from The Metropolitan, Trader Joe’s peanut butter, vaginas, parentheses, cardigans, Jon Stewart, and pro-choice people. She is currently interning for NARAL and works at Jewish Family Service on Capitol Hill. See Sara’s posts.