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My Year at NARAL

Today is my last day as an Intern with NARAL Pro-Choice Washington. I’d like to write a bit about how much I’ve loved being here, but it’s always difficult to summarize a year of life, especially one so unique as this. What is it about trying to find the right words for something that makes you forget them entirely? So, to summarize what working here has meant to me, here goes nothing:

As a rising senior at the University of Washington hoping to eventually work in women’s health, the timely chance to intern with NARAL was something I had to pursue. I was fortunate enough at the start of last summer to be invited to contribute my time as the Social Media Intern, and I had no idea then that I would have that fortune extend to nearly an entire year. I have loved interning here, and I know NARAL will hold a special place in my heart forever. As I come upon my graduation date and dive head first into the big unknown of the *pause for dramatic emphasis* real world, I am so happy to have the year of experiences I’ve gained here under my belt. Through getting to see Wendy Davis speak at our own event, helping to raise awareness on Crisis Pregnancy Centers, meeting and interacting with amazing people in person and online over social media, and getting to blog every day on seriously cool and important things, I’d say I have had a year for the books!

I believe that the kind of work that NARAL does across the country is vital to women’s health and reproductive rights. Safeguarding that freedom is tantamount, especially given the astounding push back we’ve seen in anti-woman legislation and policy in recent years. I know that I will remain a supporter of NARAL and its important work for the rest of my life. But for now I must bid this blog and you all farewell. Endings are always best bittersweet, but I think I’ll let Queen Bey and this cat wave goodbye for me instead.



Cheers to new beginnings! Thank you.


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