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In case you missed it: Wonkblog on 205 abortion restrictions in 3 years.

Restricting doctors, shrinking services: What really happens during hospital mergers.

SCOTUS has — hopefully temporarily — blocked “further same-sex marriages” in Utah.

Kshama Sawant is sworn into City Council today.

Less than a year: the time served by Steubenville rape suspect.

Here’s Feministing on Melissa Harris-Perry’s heartfelt public apology to the Romney family.

Supposedly, today is Blue Monday, so here is Sasheer Zamata, SNL’s newest cast member and the first black woman on SNL since Maya Rudolph, taking on street harassment:

Image of Kshama Sawant: The Huffington Post

Choice News, Pro-Choice Cheat Sheet

Pro-Choice Cheat Sheet: Heroes, Living Wages, & Yes, Beyonce Is a Feminist

Joiiiin us, New Mexico: the latest state on the road to marriage equality!

Step aside, haters: Yes, for the last time, Queen Bey is a feminist.

Check out RH Reality Check’s list of Top Pro-Choice Heroes of 2013!

U.S. Olympic Delegation, you’re doing it right. Brian Boitano is the latest member to come out ahead of Sochi.

All speculation, zero evidence: media claims that increasing the minimum wage to $15 in Seattle will cost jobs.

In case you still don’t think Beyonce is a feminist:

Bow down.