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Friday Femorandum: Another Week, Another Clueless Public Statement

Another week, another clueless public statement about women’s health. This week, male GOPers convinced themselves that their legislation isn’t what counts when it comes to representing women, but their ability to read Glamour. And Rep. Chuck Gatschenberger compared Missouri’s proposed 72-hour waiting period and mandatory ultrasound bill to the “research” he does “before buying a car.”

But while anti-choice politicians spread misinformation about women’s health, the Friday Femorandum is devoted to delivering the news. Here’s what actually happened in reproductive politics this week:

Coming up on the 49th anniversary of Griswold v. Connecticut, the Hobby Lobby case is “poised to take us one giant step backward.”

Seattle’s brand-new minimum wage has already drawn some very eager challengers, including Tim Eyman.

We lost someone important on Sunday: human rights activist Yuri Kochiyama.

“Beltway consensus would have you believe that abortion politics are over. That that’s so 2012. But the policy positions that made 2012 into such a politically potent fight over this issue, those policy positions are widespread again.”

With Susan Cahill’s Kalispell clinic closed due to anti-choice vandalism, women in western Montana must now travel 200 miles to the nearest abortion provider.

“I practice monstrous voices as a hobby. One of these things came out to my advantage.” One woman’s crazy-voiced triumph in the fight against street harassment.

Abstinence-only sex education: It doesn’t work. So why is anyone still teaching it?

“You’re supposed to gain weight when you’re pregnant.” This shouldn’t need to be explained. (This needed to be explained.)

“Does the dress code specifically target women and not men?” How to tell if your dress code is sexist.

This week’s feminist killjoys are director Gillian Robespierre and actress Jenny Slate, for finally upending the film trend of depicting abortion as full of old-school shame and inaccurate doom with Obvious Child. Seriously, go see it. It is so good.

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Abortion Care, Activism, Choice News, Commentary, Friday Femorandum, Health Care Reform, LGBT health & rights, Olympia Watch, Reproductive Justice, Supreme Court Watch

Friday Femorandum: Good News Day

Justice Mary Yu became the first openly gay justice on the Washington State Supreme Court!

In Pennsylvania: Marriage equality.

In Oregon: Marriage equality.

Running your campaign on defunding the Affordable Care Act is “much harder now that Obamacare is up and running.”

Why is Michelle Nunn, EMILY’s List-approved pro-choice Democratic candidate for Senate in Georgia, running on a similar platform?

RH Reality Check investigates sellers on Amazon allegedly offering Plan B for $17.

Subpoenaed: The Oregon state health exchange, by the federal government.

Here on the blog, we covered volunteer and intern stories, why the radical right is so mad at Emily Letts, informed consent, and Nellie Bly.

“The artist is very edgy.” That’s what Kathryn Stuard, conservative donor and Greg Abbott supporter, told the San Antonio Express-News yesterday when asked why she commissioned an artist to make these very gross “Abortion Barbie” posters in Los Angeles.

Here’s why abortion waiting periods are insulting to women.

This week, Cosmopolitan reported that despite Massachusetts’ groundbreaking new law against shackling pregnant prisoners while they give birth, the practice still goes unregulated elsewhere in the US.

In related news, Cosmopolitan continues to surprise us by providing great coverage of reproductive rights legislation.

“The projected growth in jobs that are historically low-wage and female-dominated, and women’s disproportionate share of these jobs, makes addressing the scheduling challenges in these jobs a necessary step for promoting women’s equality and opportunity in the workforce.” Elizabeth Warren takes on the unfair scheduling practices of many low-wage jobs.

In related news, our feminist killjoy of the week is Elizabeth Warren.

Have the best weekend.

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Abortion Care, Activism, Choice News, Commentary, Friday Femorandum, LGBT health & rights, Reproductive Justice

Friday Femorandum: Mugwumps & other things we couldn’t make up

here’s what happened in reproductive politics this week:

Good news: Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe has ordered the Virginia Board of Health to investigate – and possibly overturn – restrictive abortion regulations set by his anti-choice predecessor.

Great news? Someone called Jaime Herrera Beutler a mugwump.

“When a female boss leads like a man, we’ll deem her ‘brusque,’ ‘pushy,’ but when she leads like a woman, we’ll brush her off as too ‘soft.’ “ Disappointing, right-on commentary at Jezebel on Jill Ambramson’s firing from the NY Times.

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