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Friday Femorandum: Breaking! Birth Control Not Actually Controversial

Here’s what happened in reproductive politics this week:

Guess who supports birth control? Spoiler alert: Pretty much everyone.

Rethinking Madam President: This week, the NY Times hemmed and hawed over whether America is ready for an all-female presidential ticket. The NY Times did not hem and haw over America’s previous 44 presidencies.

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Friday Femorandum: Questioning Your Judgment Right Now

Every Friday, we bring you all the repro news that’s fit to reprint! Here’s what happened in reproductive politics this week:

 Today, in regrettable judicial nominations: Last year, reports RH Reality Check, the Obama administration made a deal with Republican senators from Georgia to pre-approve three judicial nominees in exchange for an end to Republicans’ filibuster of Jill Pryor’s nomination to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. Now we’re seeing the result: Obama’s nomination of Michael Boggs — who is anti-choice, and has a history of opposition to civil rights — to Georgia’s federal district court.
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Pro-Choice Cheat Sheet: Heroes, Living Wages, & Yes, Beyonce Is a Feminist


Pro-Choice Cheat Sheet

Obama comes out in support of raising the minimum wage, which, of course, is a women’s issue.

With “at least 10 races where House GOP male incumbents and Democratic women challengers” slated for 2014, the GOP is taking lessons on how to talk to women. Good luck with that.

Twitter has its first female board member. #Progress? #Maybe?

Why did they start with abortion clinics? Because it begins with the letter ‘A’?” 7th Circuit Court of Appeals judges in Chicago are questioning Wisconsin’s latest TRAP law.

Groundbreaking new study finds that objectification is not an effective way of advertising to women.

In lighter news, here’s the Feministing Guide to Surviving the Holidays, instructions on talking to your family about reproductive justice included.

Did you miss Obama’s speech? Here it is, in full: