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Friday Femorandum: Beyonce Voters

Welcome to the Friday Femorandum, our weekly roundup of reproductive rights news.

Here’s what happened in reproductive politics this week:

Well, this happened:

Mitch McConnell and 42 cronies voted for corporations over health care for women.

They had one job: to fix the Supreme Court’s mistake, which they could have done by voting for our own Senator Patty Murray’s Not My Boss’ Business act. They didn’t do it.

At our blog, A Few Choice Words, we wrote about how those bill-blocking anti-choice politicians are failing democracy, and provided some important clarifications on what it really means to be pro-choice.

Speaking of Hobby Lobby: Turns out discrimination against women is bad for business. Members at Seattle’s own Central Co-op have been boycotting Eden Foods – one of the companies joining Hobby Lobby in the fight against health – and the co-op is dropping 80 percent of Eden Organics’ offerings from their shelves as a result.

Confidential to PCC members: PCC is still carrying Eden products.You can email them about that here.

Still speaking of Hobby Lobby: Turns out that in 1990, Justice Scalia ruled against religious freedom in a case involving Native American religious practices, prompting theDemocratic Congress to pass the Religious Freedom Restoration Act to protect religious minorities – the very legislation that was then used as a precedent in the Hobby Lobby case.By Scalia. Giving new meaning to the word “hypocrisy.”

Oh wait, there’s more: Hobby Lobby is apparently expanding its presence in western Washington in a big way, which, good, that’ll make it WAY easier to boycott them.

As a reminder, this is how we’re fighting back against this nonsense.

“Bring it down to a woman’s level.” Welcome to the GOP’s new messaging strategy, which looks a lot like their old one.

I don’t care if you like it: Rebecca Traister provides a needed response to gendered, judgmental, everyday scrutiny directed at women, at The New Republic.

Now ordaining women: The Church of England.

That’s why it’s called “telemedicine,” you guys: A Wisconsin judge has ruled that actually, no, doctors do not have to be present when a woman takes prescribed medication to induce abortion.

This week’s feminist killjoy is Sarah Coughlon, the genius behind Beyonce Voters, the amazing Tumblr that took a phrase Fox News meant as a put-down to women voters and turned it into the most amazing thing on the Internet. Exhibit A:


You’re welcome.

Thank you for being pro-choice. You restore our faith in humanity every day

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Friday Femorandum: This Week Wins The Award For Most Terrible

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Friday Femorandum: The Week Everything Happened

Every Friday, we bring you all the repro news that’s fit to reprint! Here’s what happened in reproductive politics this week. It started on Monday, with our Reproductive Health & Rights Lobby Day at the CapitolNearly 300 pro-choice activists showed up to lobby their legislators to pass proactive, pro-choice legislation like the Reproductive Parity Act.

Is that who I think it is? Our executive director AND the Senate Democratic Caucus? Speaking of the RPA: It was voted out of the State House of Representatives on Wednesday.

Our own Rachel Berkson was quoted at the Stranger on the RPA, saying:

“At least two plans through the state exchange don’t cover elective abortion, and there’s confusion surrounding more. This is what happens without the RPA in place to protect access to care. We appreciate that our representatives in the House stand with women, and we urge the Senate to show that they do too.”

Next up: the RPA goes to the Senate. You can tell your Senator to do the right thing here.

Speaking of the Senate: No good bill passage goes unpunished. Just hours after the RPA left the House, a parental notification billed weaseled its way out of the Senate Law & (In?)Justice committee, and could next be scheduled for a vote on the Senate floor. Robin Marty at RH Reality Check wrote an excellent breakdown of why this law is bad for young women. Here’s where you can tell your Senator to do the right thing. 200 supporters already have.

Joke’s on you, Rush Limbaugh: Sandra Fluke is running for State Senate in California!

The UN to the Vatican, on women’s reproductive rights and covering up child abuse: Step off!

Our Feminist Killjoy Heroine(s) of the Week: Every pro-choice champion in this newsletter, and the women of Pussy Riot, who were on the Colbert Report this week. The full video, which you’ll want to watch, is here.

(When asked how they ended up in jail.)
And finally, NARAL Pro-Choice America turned 45 this week. They made a birthday video. You can watch it here. If you are a feminist, it will probably make you cry (in a good way).
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